Find us

This dermatological clinic is located on the pedestrian street ( Amagertorv 23 ), opposite the Church of the Holy Spirit ( Helligåndskirken). We are easily accessible by S-train, metro, bus or car.

S-train, Metro or bus

You can get off at the following places:

Gammel Strand : Metro M3 ( The City Ring) , Bus line 2A,23,31,37 ( Gammel Strand is about 200 meters from the clinic and the nearest station)

Nørreport : Metro M1,M2, M3 (The City Ring ), S-train (A,B,Bx,C,E,H), bus line 5C,6A,150S,350S,14,184,185,15E.

Kgs Nytorv: Metro M1,M2,M3 (The City Ring), bus line 23

The Central Station : Metro M3, S-train (A,B,Bx,C,E,H), bus line 5C,2A,7A,250S,10,26,31,37,68,23

The Town Square : Metro M3 ( The City Ring) , bus line 250S,2A,5C,10,23,33


Multi-storey carparks:

If you have a gps, please write : Silkegade 4, if you want to go to Illum ( Illum is about 250 meters from the clinic ). If you choose Magasin, please write Bremerholm 2 (about 600 meters from the clinic)