Cancelling or changing an appointment

If you contact us on behalf of a child who doesn`t have a NEM-ID (typically under 15 years old ) please write your own CPR number in the box CPR. Nr and your childs in the box Besked. This is crucial to reply to you by e-mail.

Here you can cancel. If you want to book an appoinment , please propose a date and/or time interval that fits you particularly well. Usually we are fully booked a month ahead.

Unfortunately some of the lines in this standard form is in danish. Here is a little information and translation:

CPR .Nr. : Your danish personal number . You find it on your yellow card .
Personvalg : Choose doctor. You simply choose dr Flindt-Hansen
Vælg emne : Choose topic
Besked : Message. Here you write what you intend
Bekræft E- mail adresse : Confirm email adress
Send besked : Send

Please avoid errors when you write your CPR number.